Monday, January 23, 2012

Until Honesty Went Down On Its Knees - Jan 23, 2012

Until Honesty Went Down On Its Knees

The smallest pieces of life contain laws written in stone
for the world to lose interest in kind.
They can be easily read in the dark then left to remain
as still as a man
who is more than just a bit color-blind.

Sometimes I sit within varied distances from it all,
breaking into my life,
when all I want to do is advise
the sun to shine.
Because I know, a smile can make a break
flourish into the clearing
we can only hope to find.

I realize how fantastically black the sky can be
and how its state
saves all the words of love
and their simplicity.
Secrets granted from them sometimes say
that life is not fair
when it pierces the souls’ of you and me.

Bound inside a myriad of righteousness
we tried a million times
to offer up the friends of our needs.
Until honesty went down on its knees
seeking to live on the conviction it studies,
in order to continue to breathe.

I have pulled repeatedly from the prayers
I held deep inside mirrors,
in order once again to find my shining sun.
However, often, overturning truth
is a journey best remembered as a failure,
failing to reach out or help a single one.

Can all judgment be silent and still believed
when it comes in on the emotions
we sometimes bend into a shield?
Stranger in your sight is how they burn,
even when your body moves to erase the way
last night made you feel.

Sometimes I wonder if each page of life
that wanders sincerely into light,
finds the deepest waves of darkness
attempting to recreate streams of painful fire.
Is the light’s glory not held inside a sea of calm
you would swim to acquire?

© 2012 Neva Flores - Changefulstorm


  1. very complex and penned exceptionally well. may the sun shine on us all.

  2. Very deep. I'll enjoy reading this several times - once wouldn't give it justice.