Sunday, March 25, 2012

Outside of the Lines - March 25, 2012

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Outside of the Lines

Whispers from nowhere reach beneath light
cutting through the love
I feel for you,
playing inside of my thoughts.
I think of their sound,
how I feel them in the air I breathe
and when I sleep,
how they call from every mountaintop
I have ever sought.

I find I am defining their promises
every morning
in the hush of silence
and as I write I welcome them
into the rooms of me.
I lend them my fingertips
to search for the sunlight
of my feelings
until I hear the words
that rhyme
with we.

A reflection of the whispers can be tasted
when it drifts in
with the morning's expectations
as if it flew from a cage
of intimacy.
My air is filled with love
crying out to my heart
that this time it will not be broken
nor lie alone as I breathe.

Whispers from nowhere lead me into spaces
outside of the lines I write,
where I can feel
your embrace.
The strings of my heart
stand still to be strummed
into place
as the promise of your fingertips
searches for the sunlight
on my feelings' face.

© 2012 Neva Flores - Changefulstorm