Tuesday, April 17, 2012

When My Memories Lay My Soul Bare - April 17, 2012

 Black and White Dreaming by Orzz

 When My Memories Lay My Soul Bare

Deep within me I press rewind
and beyond the calm lies choices
that take every part of me
and find the days when my memories
lay my soul bare.
This is when I remember taking fire
when I walked as a child,
always feeling
I was never too young
to know what was mine
even a thousand years ago.

I know the name
of the one I see in the mirror
and that she is called by an ancient feeling
staring into infinity
as she pleases.
She holds on to the sands
of the deepest abyss
until each grain
falls under her trance
and is prepared to fight
every other whisper
other than her own.

Every single day,
I drink the warm tears attempting
to control my smile
while realizing how much I need
to touch the ground
above my shadow.
Soon my mind is filled
with the loneliness of winds.
I know I can move beyond them
and can always keep them
from filling my soul.

Drops of rain come full circle
making ready
to sweep across the crest of my fears
reminding me
I have fought distance and ghosts
on journeys slow to end.
My spirit is not brittle
and I will remain inspired
even when I press rewind
and my memories
lay my soul bare
once again.

© 2012 Neva Flores - Changefulstorm


  1. Very deep and touching but infinity makes all things possible, even memories have to fade.

  2. "even when I press rewind
    and my memories
    lay my soul bare
    once again." gorgeous!