Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sign Your Name on My Skin - August 21, 2012

Source:  Tumblr.Com

Sign Your Name on My Skin

Sometimes I cannot keep part of me
from asking the stars
where comfort can be found
without weaving the desperation
I feel under my skin
into a rope
that wraps around my tears of sadness.
I am left watching hours
take in the days
and never quite understanding how laughter
can tell someone to call out to the sky
then break and run
on the legs
of sheer madness.

My skies shouldn't tell me to get lost
inside of all I know
when I long to create an ocean of language
we both can plainly speak
without ever feeling any pressure.
When tomorrow rings in the beginning
of what lies under all that I know to be
held in a distant place,
draped in shimmering hope ,
shall I watch you
write your name on my skin
while I cry out in pleasure?

I never asked for you to bring me a garden full of lies
where one has to work
in the shadows of forgetfulness
inside of a life with a smile that fades
as I regain my sanity.
The truth can be grown in silence
then burn brightly
as part of nothing and still lie beyond
that which soothes our hands
when they tremble
because we can smell the crow
we have to eat so humbly.

Listen to the lines you missed
when you stepped
into the shoes of a man
who no longer relied
on all of his senses
when you began your journey of echoes
where stars once danced.
Do you remember empty promises
as they run through the days
even though you sing?
Take a chance and lose your mind
when you find there is no way out,
as you rush to remind your tears,
of how they sting.

© 2012 Neva Flores - Changefulstorm