Monday, July 18, 2011

Pages of Me - July 18, 2011

 Pages of Me

I left you when the world seemed to play a melody of its own
To seek the brilliant lights of whom I wanted to be
Far below what I knew to be real, before all of my wishes
Turned yellow on all of these pages known as me

I drank in the faces underneath masks hiding their true natures
Saw cunning presume my waves rushed in naive
Expecting that I would never feel my heart breaking in two
When all of their darkness flew in, never to leave

Afraid I was not, as I firmly pressed on, soaring above the scent
Of ancient tears that fell on the horizon of night
Drowning themselves in all the final beauty that remained
Before faces changed and turned from the light

I saw broken mirrors holding a silence that quickly turned away
Before all its breath followed brokenness in kind
They were touched by fingertips seeking merely to listen
To endless space, silence creates in your mind

In the distance, sounds tried escaping the smiles of gypsy songs
As one and the same, they invaded their peace
With glorious riches that had stormed into stars of past
Remembering dreams that brought sorrow relief

I came back to you when I possessed the truth on my breath
Knowing I had parted from whom I wanted to be
Without you, all of those brilliant lights were not brighter
They had turned yellow on all these pages of me

Copyright *Neva Flores @07/08/2011


  1. I can recognise that feeling. The words say it all.

  2. You always light up my day Neva:)))

  3. Beautiful as always my dear Neva xox.

  4. very creative , and original, enjoyed it, sue

  5. beautiful words. some sad some aren't......i know the feeling...

  6. These verses bring me back the figure to be a child, then we are dazzled by the lights of the world and then recover the innocence that we lose as an adult.

  7. Neva I could just imagine you saying these words as you write, following the days and nights of a life well lived, with memories of laughter, love, sadness all that life has to offer and some.

    This brought to light that one must live life to the fullest and cherish all memories and faces.

    Thanks again for sharing your light!

  8. Each of us search for that brighter light, accept the yellowing pages of me. Strong medicine for the soul.
    Thank You ,Neva.

  9. A beautifully written piece (story) about the journey back to you ... sometimes a road that can only be traveled with maturity & time ~ loved it! Thanks for sharing :-)*hugs*

  10. I don't know why my comments don't go through, been trying since yesterday

  11. Sometimes it simply takes two in order for the pages to remain clear.

  12. I have a hard time commenting here but even if my browser fails me I still can't resist popping in... Pages of me is a masterpiece