Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Wildest Loneliness - May 20, 2012

 The Wildest Loneliness
Sometimes, it seems that everything
my heart keeps as truth
I take with me
and lock deep inside of I am sorry
as I breathe the air twisted in the places
where I sleep.
Yet, there still exist nights
where there is no bed I can dream in
where I do not hear a melody
that feels naturally sweet.

Often, I stand in the corner
of all I have missed
then find myself walking proudly
beside the wildest loneliness
lying deep inside of
my stubborn heart.
Then suddenly,
my head clears inside of a silence
and I write poems
from the hands of angels
until the wildest loneliness
has to part.


  1. I Love your poetry Neva ~
    Thanks for envoie ..

  2. Nicely done. I relate to it a lot because I am content being alone with my craft most of the time. I do have a girlfriend and she has kids and it has gotten to the point where I need to see them regularly because they are like my family. But I can go months without seeing my closest friends and I still live by myself.

  3. Yet, there still exist nights
    where there is no bed I can dream in
    where I do not hear a melody
    that feels naturally sweet.

    Loved it:)

  4. It is the way of words elegantly crafted, soul therapy, a gentle breeze in spring lifts up the spirit so we know, lest we forget, we are free.

    Such beautiful poetry you compose, I think can be written only by one so in touch with her heart, her feelings.


  5. I feel all alone right now as I walk this path with my husband. I feel though that Jesus and Mary will walk with me and St. Peregrine. The waiting is so hard though. My stomach is in knots.Lovely poem. Thank you Neva. You have so much talent. Your friend..Jean

    1. Jean, always remember that you have been through much but our trials prepare us to deal with those things that happen in the future. We are told that we are never given more than we can handle and yet I know that sometimes that is hard to see. I love you and my thoughts are with you.

  6. would like to read your poem on Radio Berkshire between 2-3pm today "The Health Hour" in an article about loneliness. I trust that this is alright and shall of course acknowledge your authorship.
    Dr. Neil Coleman, Slough

  7. Dr. Coleman, you have my permission and thank you for the honor.

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