Thursday, May 24, 2012

While the World Waits to Rebuild My Pain - May 24, 2012

While the World Waits to Rebuild My Pain

Hypnotic air looks at my heart
while the world waits
to rebuild the pain of old wounds
by turning back and twisting words.
Still, I offer up heaven as I write
inside a web of remembrance
where a fire burns in the darkness
of everything I ever said
that was not heard.

Overnight the feelings of innocence
tremble on my shoulders
but the night still asks me
where you are
when I look out the window.
I began to wonder
if I spelled out storm
inside my web
to create a field capable of keeping
this smile on my face
and oh so slow.

One day I will walk to a place I know
where there are rooms
where I can escape from the world
waiting to rebuild my pain.
I will then write with naked eyes
words that tell shattered glass
to be silent
while hypnotic air
becomes a gateway
for my smile's refrain.

© 2012 Neva Flores - Changefulstorm


  1. "One day I will walk to a place I know..." Neva it seems to me today is better than tomorrow to step off to find that place. But then no journey begins until everything is in tune.

    Smile always works for me (especially when directed at me){:-)}---

    1. Thank you M. actually I did walk off and find that place. :)

  2. this is lovely the flow of it...the first stanza grips...and i hope you find that day...smiles...stinks when words are turned back on us and what is said is not really heard

  3. My heart just wrenches when I read your work sometimes--in good and in painful ways--here I fell both--Lovely!