Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tenderly Marked Thoughts - May 31, 2011

Tenderly Marked Thoughts

Bewitching ripples of time pass as I write letters to you
To hang as something beautiful on your walls
Tenderly I mark them with wind that bares my soul
Leaving my presence to stir across your sky
As a shield from rains that fall

Enthralling words to hold forever within your breast
I leave for you as bits of my gentle peace
Lying open on your walls, the richness of my joy
Is left to fall as silver leaves of warmth
Cover cold that will not cease

These inventive fingers would surely leave this earth
An epic journey they would move to make
To find the words to chase away those hellions
That exist here in this world of chaos
Your peaceful grace to take

When you pass by these letters I have written for you
They will caress you with the echo of my soul
Sweet peace you yearn for, is always here to see
In these thoughts I have tenderly marked
For your own heart to hold

Copyright *Neva Flores @2011

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Night Enters With Curious Feet - May 24, 2011

Night Enters With Curious Feet

With curious feet the night enters with beauty in her eager eyes
As love speaks to the ocean of hearts, she has touched
The moon glides by quietly before the eyes of men
And I can see your face held by the fingers
Of my hope, once again

In the eyes of peaceful angels with shining hair of molten gold
I can see those shores of all great happiness and joy
Held by a loyal hand, proclaiming there is love
And such a sweet delight rains down
To my heart, from above

I stand here within the comfort of my silken thoughts of you
While such unmatchable tenderness appears in place
Speaks to me of memories I can always find
While breathing in night's sheer beauty
With my own heart in kind

I see your face, if only for a moment, as the other half of me
As I lay here watching night enter with curious feet
Love sweetly touches my heart in a rush
Tells me to close my tired eyes
Sleep, dear one, shush

Copyright *Neva Flores @2011

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Collecting Rain In the Low Light - May 11, 2011

Collecting Rain In the Low Light

So many days she waited in the low light collecting rain
That by itself represented what you could not see
Changing the world of distant shadows
With fingers that have written
Threads of destiny

Feelings were the price she paid as she diffused the rain
Upon the leaves with love that sought the sun
From those woodlands of her dreams
Where a raging fire in her soul
Only just begun

She rode the waves of living light that flowed to shine
With no expectation that she would be admired
Knowing she was a just a kiss of worship
Who carried her fleeting mist
In her heart's desire

A song of meditation now lies where she once stood
Collecting rain there in the low light so patiently
Each measure is divided by a heartbeat
And is rewritten every day
As our destiny

Copyright *Neva Flores @2011

Monday, May 9, 2011

Breaking the Speed Limit of Confusion - May 09, 2011

Breaking the Speed Limit of Confusion
(Modern Sisyphus)

True, we bend perhaps because we confuse
What we want with that which
Drives us away tired and so angry
Until we reach the top
Of the stairs and glance back
Attempting to figure out
What was so damn important

It is all the same in a breathless whisper
That so often can break
The speed limit of confusion

As the fingerprints that mark
Those minutes of time
Often make it hard to believe
We nodded at the opposite corner
Where sarcasm annoyed
Our release

We round the corner that teaches
Us the difference between
Watching someone else
Living in those fantasy worlds
Shake our heads and try to change
The past

While all those peculiar moments
Come back to haunt us

How can we remain undisturbed
When we find ourselves
Hoping that when we reach
The top of the stairs
What continuously drives us away
Tired and angry
Once again
Will hold us hostage

Copyright *Neva Flores @2011

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Where Water Forgives the Same - May 03, 2011

Where Water Forgives the Same

We travel where water forgives the same as our aching hearts
In winds where most everything can drift away
Into soothing emotions that sing softly against our skin
As the years brush against harsh words
Colored in disarray

When we eagerly turn our faces to where the sun does shine
Like flowers our hearts will bloom unexpectedly
With strong stems planted deeply within balanced ground
We can cast aside harsh words that rest
On waves of misery

Our world contains many boundaries people cross as they may
Often they cannot even see where these lines begin
We must remember no matter the color of harsh words
If our faces are turned to light and balance
Disarray may cross but not win

Copyright *Neva Flores @2011

Monday, May 2, 2011

Bubbles In the Water - May 02, 2011

Bubbles In the Water

If I knew this now or in a week's time, pray tell me what do you know
To be unkind is not my favorite song, rather breathe in summer air
Did you know that lies were hiding like giants on the earth
Yet happiness still lies all around you melting like wax
Into all that is broken

As you fall asleep is your heart racing, do you cry over uprooted weeds
In years to come will reflecting, nourish your earth when you are sad
Make you soar through the heavens then circle back
To get acquainted with wondering why
One more time again

Last night you leaned upon one of those giants hiding on the earth
While searching your soul for any kind of clue you could hold
Still in the early morning, you had to start again
Because there were bubbles in the water
You thought was clear

Is it just the voice you hear in secret that you let charge in to win
So your eyes will smile when you lean low into your return
Does your world spin round in a gentler flow
Because you knew this now
Or in a week's time

Copyright *Neva Flores @2011

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Impassioned Sensations - May 01, 2011

Impassioned Sensations

I can only dream of mysterious lands where I stop and stare
At the changing faces pressed against my heart
This is where I tread so lightly under a pleasant moon
Where the fruits of all my cares laugh alone
When I see that, you are a part

Almost every night memories turn on winds moving within me
Until perfection stares into my face with ease
Impassioned sensations welcome endless curiosity
Although I am asleep, my heart races
While calmly skipping a beat

My hands are hidden underneath covers, as if contemplating
An inner voice that stares up at blank ceilings
From a deep slumber, I crush roses whose time has come
Delighting with no remorse as they disappear
Raining down, into my feelings

While I know, the stars cannot feel sweet waves in these lands
Still here now my fingers are helplessly crossed
Watching them greet the morning so it seems in debt
To the castles in the sky I see when awake
Full of wondrous golden thoughts

Tonight, I remembered that we have always been together
In mysterious lands where I stop and stare
Although your face pressed against my heart changed
The fruits of my cares have never laughed alone
You have forever and ever been there

Copyright *Neva Flores @2011