Saturday, October 27, 2012

You Never Knew Me - October 27, 2012

You Never Knew Me

I truly thought
I had found myself
in a wondrous place
where you could truly see me,
and that all my words
were forever immortalized.
Held close.......
inside of your everything, a breeze.

I laughed as you stared
into my eyes, asking my name.
With my heart in your hands
and the moonlight
at your beck and call.
Then......watching you walk away,
I smiled.......
even though I realized
you never knew me
at all.

© 2012 Neva Flores - Changefulstorm

Thursday, October 18, 2012

When Time Hands Me Leave to Love You -- October 18, 2012

 Marta Dahlig

When Time Hands Me Leave to Love You

Unfilled dreams visit me
and I pretend
thundering pain does not touch my soul
when I can't hear you say,
“I love you”
before I lay me down to sleep.
Still, I wonder
if I called out on the coldest night
would I hear nothing
but silence
inside the dreams
I keep.

In the morning hours

I write your name
in the air
with a hand of power,
creating an image
of  love's fire
that can never be lost
in thought.
A delightful understanding
becomes a sensation of living
with the eyes of my heart
wrapped around the words
I have sought.

My mind sings our story
even when I am alone.
It shouts
from an ocean
of heaven
with a tune swinging
to the countless beat
of our future need.
It paints our past
with long strokes of feeling
outside of  all the years
that were hidden
by a shadow's greed.

Here I stand as I am
with an invitation
circling my heart
creating a place
for you to be
when time hands me leave
to love you
with every breath
I breathe.
Although, I may not hear the words
from your lips
the eyes of my heart
hear you speak
with ears........
that see.

© 2012 Neva Flores - Changefulstorm

Monday, October 1, 2012

When She Writes About the Rain - Oct. 01, 2012

Angels by Anna Zero1

When She Writes About the Rain

There is a massive distance
between her smile and tears
when she writes about the rain.
Because her faded dreams
put her mind at ease
behind the places
where she stands
in pain.

Sitting in the garden
where one finds love
in those eyes
that speak of alone.
She writes lines
which intrigue mysteriously.
You can see her words dance
where she's walked,
when dawn breaks
across the trees.

The inner deepness of her words
hold on to each cloud,
crying out to the depths
of our bones.
They tell us our worst hours
contain the time outside
of her faded dreams
and that they too.....
will soon be gone.

When she writes about the rain
we smile
behind the places
where we stood in pain.
You can see her words dance
where she's walked,
they never speak
in vain.

© 2012 Neva Flores - Changefulstorm