Friday, February 25, 2011

Life's Battlefield - February 25, 2011

 Life's Battlefield

Will you run for the highest mountain, when all goes wrong
Roam unlit streets, like a roving lion
Or stand here by me and sing our song
Will you dry my tears
When I am crying

Will you hate me for all my faults and weaknesses
Let floods carry me where they may
Or bring to me your peacefulness
Hold me close
On my worst of days

Will you be that fiery dragon, who sets my heart aflame
Fiercely, burns my free spirit down
Or my noble knight, who returns honor to my name
Before another night
Comes round

Will your feet wander where the winds may call
Leave me wondering, never knowing
Or will you catch me before I fall
'Cause the same way
We are going

If you hear a cry of battle, will you run safely for the hills
When you see me raise up my spear
Or will you place in front of me your shield
Will you be my guide and my protector
Here, on Life's Own Battlefield

Copyright *Neva Flores @11/28/10