Monday, October 31, 2011

Afraid of Dust - October 31, 2011

Afraid of Dust

If I told you I am afraid of dust
that catches in places
where I am tired
Would you still find me 
so amazing and 
If I said what I think 
to those 
who have ears to hear
When I looked into your eyes
Would I still be 
the one?

If the song I sing tonight is not 
a soothing lullaby in an upside moon
Will you still love me
and the melody I create?
Because no matter how my song plays; 
we can still move on
To all those bright clouds
We anticipate

If I struggled to find words 
that washed 
over your skin like silk
That lingered dreamily in the light 
of your morning
Would you still hear the same sweet voice
when I am tired
and afraid of dust that catches
in places
On the words 
I am

© 2011 Neva Flores - Changefulstorm


  1. Of course, true friendship is never predicated on perfection or fickle feelings which are all too transient...dust (reality) is the great equalizer :) Very nice, Neva!

  2. you are such a romantic. lovely neva!!

  3. Of course, true friendship is not predicated on perfection or feelings that are transient. Dust (reality) is the great equalizer. Very nice, Neva! :)

  4. I Will always Love how you Weave the words of emotion. Wonderful Tapestry Here Neva!

  5. Very beautiful Neva! My Path crossing yours has proven to be a true Blessing indeed. Thank you!

    Much love...

  6. dust that catches on the words... carefully piled up in archives.
    Give life to the words, make them dance in our ears.
    We listen better than we read.
    Awake, 709 views, Landscape, 710 views, The Ghetto, 486 views, I Dream a Dream, 1376 views. there is no dust gathering here. Bravo!

  7. Enjoyed it Neva, love the word play on dust ... great work. Susan Brett

  8. I would answer that you have no need to be afraid, wonderful ((Neva))

  9. Simply Beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing!

  10. Friendship can only be true. Words and time can never be reclaimed. You have touched many hearts and continue to do so with the beauty of words.

  11. so beautiful words that only u can create as dancing magic....

  12. Wonderful as is the video. I guess words are only necessary when love has gone.

  13. Always wondering if someone "really" knew us would they still love us. Beautifully executed poem, Neva. I enjoyed the video - lovely - and hearing the South in your voice.


  14. Hello, Neva
    good poetry narrated using visible objects! highly imaginative in words thus, making them easy to associate and remember. hianti