Saturday, October 29, 2011

Landscape - October 29, 2011


To one whose name is written 
in the faint perfume
upon my neck
Your hands gently tend my landscape
with their caress
Each and every flower,
you gracefully bedeck
In the richest warmth 
of your undress

You move your morning breezes
into the darkness
of my night
Until I no longer know the season
or present year
Time is of no essence
within my sight
Of warmth or cold, 
I have no fear

To one whose name is written 
on every single line 
of my heart
In your ink flowing from the radiance
of our eternal sun
Your hands tend my landscape
in a world apart
Marked on a calendar 
of none

The cares of life, waft into silent pieces 
as they come to light
When your morning breeze 
upon my flowers
Each one you tend with your hand’s sight
Forgets these cares 
of ours

To one whose name is written
in my eyes 
as my master gardener
My flowers will always seek the ink
flowing from our sun
My landscape 
will be your garden harbor
From your breezes, 
I will never run

© 2010 Neva Flores - Changefulstorm