Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wrapped Around Instinct - Nov. 03, 2011


Wrapped Around Instinct

A shifting veil of shadows
filled my vision
as if requiring breath aimlessly.
I drew fire into my veins
as my suitor,
when I sought out release.

Looking down upon the back
of my fingers
Warm contentment followed hopefully.
Picking up my hand,
understanding flamed
this fire in me.

A caress pledged half a dream.
Bit my lip suggestively.
Sweet and gentle touches
became phantoms
of hope,
welcoming in, seductive pleas.

Instinct wrapped around a veil
of shadows.
Found everything ever wanted.
Desire left kisses
on my brow,
whispered cries that taunted.

My soul gazed pleasures
state of mind,
took a deep breath of me.
Drawing fire into my veins
as my suitor,
I gave myself...shamelessly.

© 2011 Neva Flores - Changefulstorm