Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Sun Can Hear Thunder - Nov. 25, 2012

 The Sun Can Hear Thunder

I have known that the sun can hear thunder
and how its brightness
can be unfathomable,
like my dreams.
Since the beginning of my pulse
I have been honored
with good days
that left me grateful
inside of the sweetness
never stifling.........
within all it means.

When midnight kisses the glass
that morning has already
Like a thirsty spider
crying out........
for the rain.
All of my senses are
swept through
knowing, my words don't fall
on deaf ears......
or stand there,
all wasted.

No, you cannot know how I'm feeling
but that doesn't mean
our world's stopped spinning.
The sun.......
can still hear thunder
in all the ways you love me.
You lift me up
in the midst of a storm.
All my senses are swept through
my words stand in stillness
a storm's ending......
is love's beginning.

© 2012 Neva Flores - Changefulstorm


  1. Well Neva some amazing imagery here in this write, I could almost say some of the lines were right out of my book... as always lurved it

  2. Expressed so beautifully. I guess none of us really knows how someone else feels.

  3. Never a wasted or unheard word. Never a clap of thunder unnoticed by the sun.

  4. Beautiful write Neva--gorgeous imagery and a powerful sense of emotion--

  5. Beautiful Neva belle écrie, j'aime votre sensibilité si bien exprimer.

  6. nice...we can never really know how another is feeling but there is truth in this world....when midnite kisses the glass morning already that...