Sunday, January 6, 2013

Skating to the Stars - Jan. 6, 2013

Skating to the Stars

When one skates to the stars
with feet called to wait on the sunrise,
it is said their hearts are hungry
for the dreams full of love
to return again.  
The taste of this hunger
travels with them
into the darkness full of stars
and stirs every sunset
they see
in their domain.

Sometimes this makes one feel
like running away
to erase the past and all pleasures
which made them feel complete
each and every morning.
Still, they know,
love will continue as part of those dreams.
So they skate
to the stars,
to see
what a new sunset

© 2013 Neva Flores - Changefulstorm


  1. Your work lately just speaks volumes to me about freedom and the fullness of life--beautiful write Neva!

  2. ah, you cant give up going back...there is hope skate on back to the stars and see...i agree with audrey as well...

  3. pretty sure i saw a duet by you and another poet the other day as well....really cool...

    1. you did with Aidz Giannani of Australia. A dear friend and mentor. It can be located here :

  4. If i ever gave up hope I think I would have nothing left.

  5. A walk in the Galaxy with poetic spaceship.Delicious!Glad to meet you!

  6. I found your blog through Brian (above)'re a really talented poet.

  7. :) very beautiful portrayal of new hopes, new dreams, new wishes that every sunrise bring.