Monday, March 31, 2014

Silencing the Beauty of My Breath - March 31, 2014

My heart loves the eyes of time 
and inside I feel that I know I hold the soul 
which looks into the life of each and every word
holding the light of my life each day.  
The world hears my mind and sees my eyes 
when night places a smile on my face. 

My heart sees the sweet dreams of the sun 
when my tears hand my spirit
to the song of the air 
and my thoughts hand my pain to truth 
and the winds of the moon.  
Still,  I wonder, 
what right do my wings have 
to silence the beauty of my breath so soon.  

Your voice walks softly 
as it sings to the shadows of the sea 
and I wonder
if I will sleep with the thought of your lies
touching my skies 
and if I will feel your kiss speaking to me.  
While I watch the places
where your memories rain on the peace
your lips deceived so free.

I thought I heard you dancing to the left of the winds 
and I thought hope would listen 
and be filled with the music of change
wishing I'd known I could forget the sound. 
Because  I saw the sight of darkness 
and still remembered the light
I had found.

I now rest in the coldness of what I write 
and stop your arms from burning the sweetness
of the end of my years
with your clouds and your flowers that are broken so gently.  
the waves of your flames
seek the silent softness
within the paths of me.
Copyright @2014 - Neva Flores Smith - Changefulstorm

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