Sunday, April 17, 2011

Just as Afraid of You - April 17, 2011

Just as Afraid of You

Have you ever hid in a corner
and imagined the night
ran barefoot
down your hall?

Perhaps it was as frightened
of the hours
and what would happen
before morning chose
to speak
as much as you.

Did you find that you were frozen
by the silence
yet still remained puzzled
in the knowledge
that a mere sound
should be the very thing
you fear the most?

Have you ever decided
not to check under your bed
then later wished you had so badly
because you could taste
fear's own breath?

Did it ever occur to you
what is under there
in the first place
may be just as afraid of you?

Copyright *Neva Flores @2011


  1. I'm the monster under you bed. ;-)

  2. ..the night running barefoot down the hall...what a fantastic image neva and yes - i know what you mean..

  3. And light can always overcome the darkness. I'm smiling at the thought of the night running barefoot my hall.

  4. Everything has an explanation,so sleep tight,I liked this plot.

  5. Ever since I've had my birds the night is more explicable for me. They spook over the tiniest thing in the dark and fly blindly through the night until I turn on the lights to make the monsters go away for them.

  6. wow what a great end. great prose well penned!!

  7. i am glad you end with a bit of levity or relief...though i imagine many can relate to the fear...great opening down the hall...

  8. Beautiful and Well penned Neva ...

  9. This is thought provoking and beautiful have a lovely blog! :-)