Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Your Voice Will Know a Day - April 05, 2011

Your Voice Will Know a Day

Your voice cannot know a day that lifts the golden veil from your heart
Because love is where I have seen, you look in your sleep
To claim for your very own to rule the world from broken dreams
A forbidden sight I could not help but remember
Or in sympathy, to keep

I watch you smell the burning boredom of your lost child within
Who not so long ago moved away from the flame
Removing what seemed to be shackles from your smile
Between all I see you do, that says goodbye
To an endless sea of blame

I see you again patiently holding the experience of just one kiss
Next to your dark pledge which is losing all meaning
Covered in a simple cloth that when raised reveals a truth
Which your heart cannot stand to breathe in
As the destiny you are receiving

If you will be kind to these rivers that whisper softly within me
Hold them in place when your rivers start roaring
Your voice will know a day that lifts that veil from your heart
As it is granted in a breath upon your cheek
You will be pleased in knowing

Copyright *Neva Flores @2011


  1. Loved that, I've just read it three times and have gained more from it each time.

  2. Acute analysis, with beautiful metaphor, I wonder: What would the response of the other party?

  3. Beautiful Vision and promise!Muse and the Magic.

  4. I may live in a world of broken dreams but I will rule it until I feel that breath and know a different world.

  5. Oh, the inner voice. A powerful write. I enjoyed...