Monday, April 11, 2011

Painting Old Photographs - April 11, 2011

Painting Old Photographs

Love comes in colors that show truth in states as they exit
Is an animal whose skies I want to be in forever
Yet when love is gone, I can see the moon
Or am I wrong
Do I only see the spotlights
Left over from desire

All aglow as a poet, quietly I lay in the shallows of my spirit
Dreaming within old photographs, I painted
Yet when I reach for the sweetness
It is not on the table
And the way it made me feel
I cannot remember

They say it is never too late to see the colors that drift by
When you stand on the hills of your first love
If you close your eyes, you can see
Pictures you painted
And there lies the sweetness
Among the love

Perhaps the moon looks for raindrops shining in my eyes
To make those colors fade into the background
But I know the truth remains untouched
As I stand on this hill
Still painting old photographs
A brighter hue

Copyright *Neva Flores @2011