Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Left to Our Own Hands - August 09, 2011

 Artist -Katja Faith
Left to Our Own Hands

We sought the faces of solitude
when the choice to battle
became our fate
until we became weary
of its demands.
Our blood passed away into
the understanding of the guardians,
who never left us alone
to our own hands.

Shadows swept into our borders,
holding a thousand
lonely caresses,
confessing patience and forgiveness
as regrets that stood alone.
Still, our hands sifted
through the golden sand
crying for the ocean
we call home.

The sound of breaking hearts
was heard in the wind,
creating rivers of blame to fill with tears.
Until a door was shut on daybreak
creating a sigh to glide
throughout the sweetness
that touched
upon our years.

Once again, we seek the faces of solitude
as chaos climbs the steps
of our tear-filled lands.
I wonder
if our blood will continue
to pass away into understanding,
if we are left
to our own hands?

Copyright *Neva Flores @08/03/2011