Friday, August 12, 2011

A Sound I Could Drink - Aug. 12, 2011

A Sound I Could Drink

My heart pretended
you were a sound
I could drink
when I went searching
for golden lines full of surprise.
When I walked towards you,
my ears tasted the beat of the earth
and it began to turn
in reverse.

Ringing clear were hundreds of memories
I had kissed freely,
known as all the things you did.
Then in came the rushing sea
crashing into my mind
with waves of everything
you have ever said.

Therefore, I waited by a tree
that had shown its shadow
as being all that I could ever need.
when I looked inside myself,
I found my heart
cold and bare.

A sight I have now become
but there is one thing I surely know.
I could never push aside
the sound of you I drink
from all these golden lines.
My ears will walk
towards you and taste
this beat
until I make you mine.

Copyright *Neva Flores @08/11/2011