Monday, August 1, 2011

Let Silence Sing Your Words to Sleep - Aug. 01, 2011

Let Silence Sing Your Words to Sleep

When the night has lingered and danced over waters
close to your words, do you wish to scream out
to the very heart of the Milky Way?
Do you set foot in the places
where youth looks back at its end,
or find yourself asking about
tomorrow's words while spinning wheels
of fire that torment your days?

Do you sometimes find yourself
bound in a shower of eager shouts
that sail by chance into nowhere's crown,
not knowing if the sun or moon
speaks to your blood in praises
of those sounds.

When you find you cannot sleep
because your senses have forgotten
how the earth and sky watches
over the ones that you love,
shielding them in the armor of your heart.
This is when a sea of words
becomes a ghost
predestined to help you
see your way out.

Perhaps, if you persuaded your now,
to dance over waters
close to your words,
you would not want to fall asleep,
but have that ghost sit beside your bed
and sing awhile.
You might find the courage
to expose your soul
has passed.

When the night lingers seeking acknowledgement
that it has unlocked your soul,
look out the window of your roaring mind.
Listen for the silence.
It has a rhythm that will drown
every syllable you see.
Silence is the ghost
that will sing your words to sleep.

Copyright *Neva Flores @07/07/2011