Friday, June 17, 2011

Designated to Melt In Resistance - June 17, 2011

Designated to Melt in Resistance

Different shades lie in secret above what I hoped to see
Yet the lights are out and I am free to please
The air holds forgiveness and waters all that I speak
Gathers in puddles surrounding my heartbeat

Your hands wait for the life we share to touch our despair
To find a place to glimpse what comes and goes
Hid from our sight is everything that is not quite real
Held there steadily waiting for the curtains show

The night ripples and we look into a fire to find warmth
From a time where we had reason to melt snow
'Till we became bounded by what we hated and loved
To walk these shores of what we already know

Between my hands and yours lies all of our satisfaction
Where our hearts beat silently together as one
Different shades are unleashed to lie on the outside
Of what I hoped to see in the reality of none

With unfeeling bodies we created a world of our own
Full of empty fields with no gates of access
Fluctuation could be a pleasure if found eventually
With both of us openly filled, feeling blessed

Are brown and blue, shades we could charm with smiles
In our feeble attempts to stain their surface
Until the sound of our voices was spun into living
Side by side as these shaded colors of us

Do we struggle to admit we are haunted as we listen
To what is hidden that we do not understand
Lost as we attempt to free ourselves with scissors
Designated to melt in resistance in our hands

Copyright *Neva Flores @2011


  1. So meaningful, plus you always have such great pictures to go with your poems.

  2. Sense poem, in which the flame of love fades.

  3. Ah the Muse of You, Lady Wordsmith,Excellent!!
    Thank you Neva ;-)

  4. A lovely poem by a lovely lady. :)