Sunday, June 26, 2011

Outside the Circle of Stones - June 26, 2011

Outside the Circle of Stones

I have wandered into an amazing sight, with movement at will
Lying behind a long sleep of my pure listening breath
Clouds break forth that were once charming
In all their melancholy words of patterned distress

Much kinder skies press lightly against the chest of my spirit
Life encased in silken petals, exiled now from grief
Just to know the touch of a healing heart
Has become home to rushing waters that seeped

I sit in a room containing a subtle touch of my future dreams
That I believed did not exist outside of mere images
Are they apparitions that dare lie to me now
Come to lick my wounds with beckoning messages

Sweet joy scatters where cold arrows of fragility once flew
Amid numberless embraces introduced with care
Shining on ripples of pain, bringing change
Into the one breathing space where I now stare

Now I stand inside a circle of stones with my eyes closed
Surrounded by possibilities with qualities that spin
I am now quickly approaching faith anew
Inspiration to step outside this room once again

Copyright *Neva Flores @2011