Sunday, June 26, 2011

Outside the Circle of Stones - June 26, 2011

Outside the Circle of Stones

I have wandered into an amazing sight, with movement at will
Lying behind a long sleep of my pure listening breath
Clouds break forth that were once charming
In all their melancholy words of patterned distress

Much kinder skies press lightly against the chest of my spirit
Life encased in silken petals, exiled now from grief
Just to know the touch of a healing heart
Has become home to rushing waters that seeped

I sit in a room containing a subtle touch of my future dreams
That I believed did not exist outside of mere images
Are they apparitions that dare lie to me now
Come to lick my wounds with beckoning messages

Sweet joy scatters where cold arrows of fragility once flew
Amid numberless embraces introduced with care
Shining on ripples of pain, bringing change
Into the one breathing space where I now stare

Now I stand inside a circle of stones with my eyes closed
Surrounded by possibilities with qualities that spin
I am now quickly approaching faith anew
Inspiration to step outside this room once again

Copyright *Neva Flores @2011


  1. i love it, stepping out of the box so to speak. just wonderful. i think i am going to have to make this another favorite neva. bravo bravo, LL

  2. This holds such eloquent beauty... And I identify with it so much its almost like you looked into my soul. Fabulous! (As always.)

  3. "Come to lick my wounds with beckoning messages"

    Nice line...and I love the art. Who did that, Neva?

  4. Neal, the artist is Michael Cheval look right under the image and there is a tiny link to his art, incredible stuff!

  5. Neva, the art you use is fantastic! Your poetry adds depth to the art and messages the heart.


  6. Fantastic and Great Neva:))

  7. Sometimes we needs be in that circle of strong protection yet when we recognize that it be the right time to move outside of it then we must not let any thing, especially fear stop us from taking that step. Your strength Neva is in your will. Be that strength.

  8. "I sit in a room containing a subtle touch of my future dreams" is such a marvelous line....

    The rest was quite good as well.

  9. Neva ! you are a greater artist than Michael Cheval. Fouth stanza is a work of art you have painted, a picture of emotional height on which a book can be written.
    2. Comments by Rapture are accurate. Your thoughts do penetrate the soul.

  10. I love that opening stanza and the art is incredible wow. I love the feel of this poem

  11. Sometimes we fear change, as if the known is safe and offers us protection no matter how bad it can be. But, we should welcome change, good or bad because it gives us the opportunity to grow. Change is never good or bad, like love, it just is and it happens to us whether we wish it, or not.
    The artwork is fabulous.
    From this lovely piece of prose, I see that you are, or have, gone through your own changes and have grown within from them. Wonderful prose, flowing and serene.
    Thank you for sharing and, thank you for visiting me and the lovely comment. I'm about to post a new one on sin for One Single Impression! That should shake everyone up a bit.....LOL

  12. Wow! Again, I don't know where you get your pics to pair with your words, but what a job! Fantastic!

  13. Thank you Courtney, I find my art on and good friends like yourself send me some also. There is a link right under the image to more of Cheval's work.

  14. Not sure how I missed this yesterday! Enjoy the possibilities. Great art work as well.

  15. "Sweet joy scatters where cold arrows of fragility once flew" - What a wonderful line!

    I enjoyed reading your words Neva. :-)

  16. Neva you stand right beside Michael Cheval with your poem, that to took me to dream land