Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I Heard the Cry of Lightning - June 21, 2011

I Heard the Cry of Lightning

Yes, from grief and pain I wanted to run
And turn into liquid numb
But I heard the cry of lightning
Ride in on a black horse
With much more fight to come

I stand here, appearing to you as frail
In all your sudden thoughts
When each day low, low worries
Do not lie underneath
Any of the dreams I bought

Do you believe that your tongue
Can taste all my fears
And when the time comes
You will see me spinning down
My own stair of tears

Now you go ahead and listen
For a sad, sad sigh
But you should never forget
I have heard the cry of lightning
Her fight is in my eyes

Copyright *Neva Flores @2011


  1. I heard the cry of lightning
    Ride in on a black horse - what an incredibly powerful image, Neva! Your word skill always amazes me, powerful imagery and depth of emotion!

  2. I can only echo SuziCate's comment. As a wordsmith you are second to none.

  3. love it Neva, its flows so well is it a song? if not it should be.

  4. Neva ..The image is perfectly suited to your electrifying poetry.

  5. Remind me never to pick on you.

  6. Gorgeous verses .Comes to my mind a chrysalis emerging,to fly to her destiny.

  7. ooo the lightning in eyes is a strong image...who will stand int he face of the storm?

  8. This is a great poem .. Neva ~

  9. Wordsmith at Her finest ;Bravo!! Happy Summer Solstice ,Neva..

  10. I think you know me. I think you know many hearts. You have put into words exactly how I have felt too many times. But, the 'cry of lightning' is always there to empower and I push back. Then I smile and live again.

    You are wonderful with words. Thank you so much.

  11. "You will see me spinning down
    My own stair of tears"...gorgeous Neva...strength and fragility all at once.

  12. Get on with your bad ass self Neva.
    That's respect commanded!

  13. What a refreshingly wonderful change of pace...breaks me out of my own internal musing which gets me no where. Thank you so much.

  14. WoW! I feel like I just surfed into a place surrounded with *beauty*! One that is filled with such captivating words, imagery & bare emotions, like many of the others stated :)

    You are a FABULOUS writer, Neva! So hard to choose a favorite but I settled on this one to place my first comment because I can see myself in many of the verses. 'I have heard the cry of lightening, her fight is in my eyes . . . ' ~ Love it!

    I look forward to returning, reading what I have missed and the wonderful new ones that are sure to follow. Thank you for sharing your beauty. The images that accompany your work are as equally stunning! My jaw keeps dropping *big smiles*

  15. such lovely words Neva
    Ever Fancy Sharing Poems
    Please feel free at my Forums.