Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Exhaled as Poetry - Sept. 14, 2011

Artist - Yarek Godfrey

Exhaled as Poetry

I feel your tenderness underneath my bare feet;
see my face as a reflection
of a flame, in your eyes.
One thousand teardrops
fell from your heart,
love swallowed each one.
Tasting comfort inside a smile,
a heart grows fond of drinking
love's replies.

Your words fall as leaves
into the river of my heart's desire,
come to life
as I exhale them as poetry.
Each breath I take
rises against another,
creating feelings inside my heart,
ringing in tones that listen to each thought;
bringing such a lovely peace
to me.

I am embraced by breezes
stirred from a lasting love
that has grown strong like an oak tree,
it bends but never breaks.
Love now sails as notes
pouring from my lips.
My heart leaps with joy
and sings replies perhaps unheard,
but felt with each breath
I take.

Copyright *Neva Flores @09/11/2011


  1. Beats the heck out of eating poke salat!

  2. Exhaled as poetry, it certainly appears so with you.

  3. Your heart is many chambered, Neva. Lovely poem full of love.

  4. The heart you have given must surely be felt, for his words so delicately received to have you exhale such eloquent poetry.

    He who in the midst of such a love must surely draw envy onto self.

    I send blessings and prayers of protection to those that have acquired such.

    You are blessed Neva, keep close to your Creator.

  5. "Tasting comfort inside a smile,
    a heart grows fond of drinking
    love's replies." beautiful Neva!

  6. Amazing rich in style...

  7. Flows so smoothly and breathlessly