Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hope's Perfume - Sept. 20, 2011

Hope’s Perfume

Like forgotten lines dancing around love
that never bloomed,
knowing not where to start or end.
You will know when you look
at the blurs that form
when crossing the night
once again.

Stretching across the lines are flowers
that once planned to brush the lips
of all the answers
you need.
Yet, the smile on your face
could change the mind,
overwhelm the heart
of destiny.

In the distance I see rain
coming down from the air of dreams
full of laughs and smiles
taking flight.
I stare for such a long time
knowing it could all soon go away,
and my heart cries
as I write.

Forgotten lines cut into winds
that wander
but have always been right there
dancing around love
that could bloom.
Without moving far off
or crossing the night
we can still
Hope’s perfume.

Neva Flores 09/20/2011


  1. Beautiful poetry of hope. Merci Neva ~

  2. I think hope is the most resilient of all human characteristics. I think even them who are depressed or in bad situations still look to the ether and find a way to have some hope. Very nicely done.

  3. Rain does not always quench love... it generates new growth in a dry heart... and there is always the hope of clear shining after rain...

  4. A beautiful Poem, rich in hope.


  5. neva this is beautiful and sad...so much emotion...and a blessing to read.