Friday, September 2, 2011

Moving Within Your Arms - Sept. 02, 2011

Moving Within Your Arms

I searched for release
looking at arms saying move
within the magic of me.
Morning brought flames of reason
down to earth
to walk a long road of trust
filling empty spaces
I could see.

Certainly, as love has a rhythm
and my lips knew the pleasure
it bestowed.
Holding in the sound
was much more than I could bear
and nothing would keep me
to feel its flow.

I found a companion
who lit a fire under heartbreak
until it drifted
into a twilight unknown.
Awakening the child inside me
to breathe in a new brightness
of peace,
heartbreak was gone.

You are where I found release, never hesitating
to give enough to fill the empty spaces
with trust.
Certainly, as love has a rhythm
my lips are bound
to the flow,
move within your arms,
I must.

Copyright *Neva Flores @08/25/2011


  1. For all who are in love or are just beginning, who are in a relationship and need some sparks. I've found the right motivation for you.

    She electrifies,
    She inspires,
    she takes you by the hand and shows you through her lines of poetry, that all is not loss or the immense and pleasurable journey love takes you on.

    "Certainly, as love has a rhythm
    my lips are bound
    to the flow,
    move within your arms,
    I must."

    Yes that's Neva for you!

    Thanks again Neva!

  2. Hmmm...Sweet flow....capturing love's glow....

  3. At my age that looks painful.

    Great poetry as always!

  4. Beautiful writing romantic Neva .. Thank you ;)

  5. This is so beautiful ... Soothing and smooth words wash over my spirit. Lovely!

  6. Heart warming words on this a dull looking day.

  7. "spark fly in this piece" I enjoyed...

  8. Howdy, you have such a marvelous website, couldn't help commenting on it! Will you be so nice and answer my question. Is it a paid blog theme which you purchase online or you used a regular one?

    1. Thank you so much. I just use a regular blog and go into the design portion and change it myself :) Neva