Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Imperfect Creatures - Sept. 07, 2011

 Imperfect Creatures
The spinning of the Earth is never interrupted
for anyone.
Although, faces of men whisper of experience
between ideas that come undone.

Deep questions slide into all we know to be,
step right in.
Yet, we do not hesitate to look away,
when their hours begin.

Looking back at the summer of our lives,
were we supposed to hold hands?
Perhaps we never tried, or merely gave up
in the end.

Just another minute or two tries not too smile
when reading what's been said.
We wait for justice, and then roll over
playing dead.

Settling in, we do not mention lessons
learned from each moment.
Is this not a step towards
what lies underneath our torment?

Are we running out of time and a foot behind,
because we do not care?
Do we only commit to that which comforts
our own air?

Sometimes I doubt if we closed our eyes for a second
we would see the entire picture,
perhaps because, we refuse to see ourselves
as we are,
Imperfect Creatures

Copyright *Neva Flores @09/05/2011.


  1. The devils playground, that's where we're at.
    Show a great face and we have the crowd. If we were to drop the mask, the world would look past us.

    So we crave fame, fortune, and beauty, not because we really like the stuff.

    It's the attention, love and closeness we desire in this cold, cold world.

    Look to the teachings of the great Master and you'd see to be really happy, you've got to die a loner in this Imperfect Self.

    A poem that brought on inspiration thanks again Neva for making me self reflect.

  2. Imperfect no doubt but, if we weren't, we probably wouldn't be here on earth at this time.

  3. As I read, I am troubled before I come to the realization that being imperfect causes such a response. Self reflection is good to some degree, but there is a point that is can become counterproductive. A good poem requires contemplation, and is delivered!

  4. There is nothing imperfect in your beautiful words today Neva. In fact this is yet another perfect example of your talent and I thank you for sharing it with me. X

  5. in an imperfect world. very well done neva!!! LL

  6. I love the beauty of Neva's poetry. Lovely.

  7. Yes, imperfect in this world indeed.

  8. I follow you on SU. Your poetry is beautiful. I loved the picture of the lady seemingly covered with a blanket of ocean waves. This is my first visit to your site, and I will definitely return. Scott/new fan *smiling*

  9. Great use of rhyme and rhetorical question.

  10. Imperfect world, but perfect poetry, though!