Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Serenading Your Basis - Sept. 27, 2011

Serenading Your Basis

You are a perfect branch
from yourself.
I have been waiting
at your roots,
trying to find myself.

Which part of your trunk
do I stem from,
I cry out to the moon.
Am I not a part of you
whose flowers
are in tune?

I am sharing needful moments
full of sensations anew;
becoming naked
with each breath I take,
singing a song
of truth.

Staring into forever
my heart pounds
with hopes and dreams.
I am waiting at your roots,
with beauty bursting
at my seams.

You are a perfect branch,
no need to conform.
I am here
serenading your roots
to become your flowers that adorn.

Copyright *Neva Flores @09/25/2011


  1. Great and also how the image links in so well with the words.

  2. A cleverly woven poem, with words that match the image, carrying the emotion of desire...

    The song of truth was clear and beautiful, underlined by the nakedness... the entwining plant indeed the partner in a serenade - and a gorgeous adornment

  3. Writing what you hold within your inner self...
    and it shows how deep you are...

  4. I think this will revererabe in my mind for some time. Pefectly written and matched to the illustration.

    Lovely ...