Monday, August 22, 2011

I Feel You as Soft Touches - Aug. 22, 2011

I Feel You as Soft Touches

I want to see the thoughts
you breathe,
hear your words and collect them,
cradled in your honesty.
I could watch the beauty in your eyes
for eternity
without ever wishing
to walk away.

You give me your hand
and I close my eyes,
hear the whisper of the sea
and I remember how my heart
has searched for one
such as you
knowing I have found my home.

My love,
the world could dance
on the shells of their falsehoods
with words
written in beautiful calligraphy
and your words
would continue to run in my veins
like Morse code
tapping out who I am
to me.

You fill my hope chest with your spirit
lifting my head
from the table of where my mind wanders
when I forget
to stop and smell the roses along the way.
Your words
bring precious harmony
into play.

I look through the window of my heart
where you
have pressed your lips
on a photograph of your words
and I feel you as soft touches
on my soul.
I collect them one by one
to remember,
until you again I hold.

Copyright *Neva Flores 08/08/2011


  1. Dear Neva, Your bedtime story flows as soft as silk, I smelt the fragrant Rose and the perfume will linger long after the poem ends. Thank you, a beautiful poem to light up my day.

  2. I hold my breath at every line, thinking what makes you tick, a great love, a true self realization, a unity with your Creator! I've come to realize you're a river of feelings knowing what course to take whenever and wherever it may lead, you are, always sure of the outcome. Greatness!!!

  3. I really like the feeling of this piece. Such a peaceful tone. One can just sink into it.

  4. wonderful prose on this one neva. i could feel this one as well!!

  5. Gracious word of love between soulmates.
    Embracing the emotions of that harmony.
    Most Beautiful ,Thank you for sharing, lifts my Heart. Love this Neva!!

  6. "I want to see the thoughts you breathe" What a beautiful opening.
    "to stop and smell the roses along the way." Very wonderful line, captivating. Earlier today I was thinking about the word calligraphy, and the thought of using it in a poem. Coincidence that I see it in your poem. Awesome.:)

  7. 'Soft touches on my soul'... You are such a dreamer :-) I like to collect them too

  8. I pray you get your wish but not too soon Neva. We need someone to teach us of love yet still.

  9. beautiful friend...your words surely reach your beloved...soul to soul.

  10. Some striking images here. I particularly like
    ... your words
    would continue to run in my veins
    like Morse code
    tapping out who I am
    to me.

  11. I love your poetry blog I have my own poetry blog also and I just feel happy everytime I come to see your blog your poems are really good and describable. It would be a honor if you check out my poetry blogg and give me some advice on how i can better mine when you hae time thanks!

  12. I like this one very much for sure well done my dear!

  13. So beautiful and touching. Your master of words and meter in this context is breath-takinly beautiful. You how much I love your poetry. Neva.