Thursday, August 25, 2011

Yesterday's Hours Lie Unread - Aug. 25, 2011

Yesterday's Hours Lie Unread

That I might sit
by the window waiting to live
all my days
on the edge of this
I write.
Within the quality of a voice
falling on every word
I hear in my heart,
full of colorful passion and light.

By me, many things
still breathe
encircling to rise inside
meanings I find
when waking,
bringing tears of joyful destiny.
Their beauty reveals who I am
in blissful shades
of ink-filled ecstasy.

These true feelings run deep
waves sweetly falling
from the hands
of my muse.
This I have always known.
Reflecting sudden stirrings
of my mood in winds
that move these hands
of my own.

Should I become something new
perhaps a silent beauty
sitting here
mulling words over in her head.
Questioning tomorrow
before discovering
yesterday's hours still lie

Copyright *Neva Flores 08/21/2011

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