Sunday, August 21, 2011

Uncut - August 21, 2011


A soft image satisfies the deepest sea
found in your eyes
recognized as comfort.
Harmony makes a new wind flow lovingly
into the arms
of old wounds suffered.

Measured out our shores bend
to meet in passion
to taste time's recurrent goals.
Lighted I talk with my hands
to find balance
shimmering within my soul.

Scenes pass by of places with nowhere to go,
sailing as tributes tired of singing chords
without gain.
Still, I smile magically as if I am bound
to live life uncut
yet emptied of all pain.

Copyright *Neva Flores @08/15/2011


  1. May your skin then be unmarred and your heart pain free.

  2. a tribute typewritten
    of life's loves lost

    imprinted in memory
    savored in the soul

  3. Emptied of all pain can be good, but this isn't always sufficient.

  4. yes, magically to life uncut w/o pain would be nice.

  5. In the end when you say emptied of all pain I think you mean to say that all of your pains and sorrows will soon be forgotten and that no matter how long it takes you in the end you will be whole again.

  6. Very nice one my dear enjoyed it for sure