Friday, March 4, 2011

Color of Truth - March 04, 2011

Color of Truth

Shall I tell a lie that seeps into the waters of your soul
To enhance the day you see inside your mind
If only for a brief moment should I make you feel
Like the prize inside a cracker-jack box
Everyone wants to find

Should I say you are the eighth wonder of the world
You should sit in council on golden floors
Right beside the gods drinking nectar from above
Or would you rather me color in truth
Outside lines you adore

If the honest color of truth is what you really seek
Take a look through these eyes of mine
You can see the brightest star, shining in my sky
Even through the clouds and haze
Ever so brightly defined

You will see the truth and have no need of lies
My star is never dim in less light
You will know I love you in your imperfection
That you are the brightest star
In my heart's skies

Copyright *Neva Flores @2011