Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ribbons of Curiously Spinning Tales - March 02, 2011

 Ribbons of Curiously Spinning Tales

Morning rises in such extraordinary ways; touching on what is real
When you have been spinning round in fairy tales
Where stars are silver haired ladies whose souls have awakened
The smile carried deep in the pockets of mist filled clouds
Revealing an upside moon unveiled

North winds created doorways radiating single rays of light
That changed the stories old familiar taste
Within dreams a new flame burns on the rosy cheeks
Whose ears are now bent down to hear music
A sleeping soul will make

The heart of the sky melts into bowls; fills them to their brims
Full of sweet thoughts to save for a rainy day
Unlike the ones you read in those books you treasure
They dwell inside your heart softly listening
For you to come and play

Tangled up in fantastic ribbons of curiously spinning tales
One's imagination can escape innocently
Into places where everything flows purely fantastic
To carry on with them when morning rises
To touch upon their reality

Copyright *Neva Flores @2011