Monday, March 21, 2011

Some Eyes Seek Beautiful Shadows - March 21, 2011

Some Eyes Seek Beautiful Shadows

I know that some eyes seek beautiful shadows to follow
What suffering highlighted by moonlight can do
How the stain of the world fills spaces in our hearts
Until we no longer notice we cannot feel the fire
Of what is right and true

I know how whispers of our past can take our earthly peace
Until we become tossed like disheveled leaves
How it feels to speak and think no one is listening
The terrifying feat of trying to be strong
When I want to grieve

I know those dark nights of looking down empty hallways
When I am afraid to breathe or close my eyes
As if a spell has been cast on my life in subtle shades
With a power that I cannot wish away
No matter how I sigh

However, I also know how we wait to make a single move
Day to day how we sit still and just abide
Pushing away all hands of comfort while asking
Why all the stars have been removed
From our skies

Copyright *Neva Flores @2011