Sunday, March 27, 2011

Questions Run in Lines of Ink - March 27, 2011

Questions Run In Lines of Ink

Perhaps new colors and a pocketful of delight is what you wish for
When the only thing you would do is tear them to pieces
Slowly but surely you simply drink up your dreams
As they stand up before you questioning
Your thirsty heart's seams

You ask me to put the light of our sun on the vines of your life
Then cry when the mist on their leaves becomes dry
So while we debate whether to open doors
What we ignore now becomes huge
Yet we still wonder why

Questions run in lines of ink until silence deafens what is complete
Because no sooner are they composed, you surrender
Wondering if you tried your best to know
If chaos could be trusted at all
With a heart so tender

This is what remains when your heart forgets an unspoken kindness
A faint murmur that can hold much more than you realize
It is always ready to give your thirsty heart a drink
When debating whether to open doors
To those lines of ink

Copyright *Neva Flores @2011