Monday, May 9, 2011

Breaking the Speed Limit of Confusion - May 09, 2011

Breaking the Speed Limit of Confusion
(Modern Sisyphus)

True, we bend perhaps because we confuse
What we want with that which
Drives us away tired and so angry
Until we reach the top
Of the stairs and glance back
Attempting to figure out
What was so damn important

It is all the same in a breathless whisper
That so often can break
The speed limit of confusion

As the fingerprints that mark
Those minutes of time
Often make it hard to believe
We nodded at the opposite corner
Where sarcasm annoyed
Our release

We round the corner that teaches
Us the difference between
Watching someone else
Living in those fantasy worlds
Shake our heads and try to change
The past

While all those peculiar moments
Come back to haunt us

How can we remain undisturbed
When we find ourselves
Hoping that when we reach
The top of the stairs
What continuously drives us away
Tired and angry
Once again
Will hold us hostage

Copyright *Neva Flores @2011

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