Monday, May 2, 2011

Bubbles In the Water - May 02, 2011

Bubbles In the Water

If I knew this now or in a week's time, pray tell me what do you know
To be unkind is not my favorite song, rather breathe in summer air
Did you know that lies were hiding like giants on the earth
Yet happiness still lies all around you melting like wax
Into all that is broken

As you fall asleep is your heart racing, do you cry over uprooted weeds
In years to come will reflecting, nourish your earth when you are sad
Make you soar through the heavens then circle back
To get acquainted with wondering why
One more time again

Last night you leaned upon one of those giants hiding on the earth
While searching your soul for any kind of clue you could hold
Still in the early morning, you had to start again
Because there were bubbles in the water
You thought was clear

Is it just the voice you hear in secret that you let charge in to win
So your eyes will smile when you lean low into your return
Does your world spin round in a gentler flow
Because you knew this now
Or in a week's time

Copyright *Neva Flores @2011


  1. Deep, thoughtful poem ,ephemeral bubbles , clarifying thoughts.

  2. Superb poem once more.

    On a personal note: I shall be away from blogging for about 18 days - going to Crete for a break. I have, however, scheduled posts on my blog for every day while away.

    Will catch up on your wonderful writing when I return. Best wishes, Mike.

  3. "do you cry over uprooted weeds"

    Many times... many times...

  4. that was rather surreal neva...i do like a gentler spin cycle on my world...