Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Where Water Forgives the Same - May 03, 2011

Where Water Forgives the Same

We travel where water forgives the same as our aching hearts
In winds where most everything can drift away
Into soothing emotions that sing softly against our skin
As the years brush against harsh words
Colored in disarray

When we eagerly turn our faces to where the sun does shine
Like flowers our hearts will bloom unexpectedly
With strong stems planted deeply within balanced ground
We can cast aside harsh words that rest
On waves of misery

Our world contains many boundaries people cross as they may
Often they cannot even see where these lines begin
We must remember no matter the color of harsh words
If our faces are turned to light and balance
Disarray may cross but not win

Copyright *Neva Flores @2011


  1. love the way you penned this about forgive. love the 2nd paragraph, beautiful prose.

  2. Erudite and charming poem.

  3. Neva this might be my favorite poem of yours that I have read. The second stanza dug her roots deep into my heart too!

  4. Wise words,beautifully said, thanks!