Sunday, May 1, 2011

Impassioned Sensations - May 01, 2011

Impassioned Sensations

I can only dream of mysterious lands where I stop and stare
At the changing faces pressed against my heart
This is where I tread so lightly under a pleasant moon
Where the fruits of all my cares laugh alone
When I see that, you are a part

Almost every night memories turn on winds moving within me
Until perfection stares into my face with ease
Impassioned sensations welcome endless curiosity
Although I am asleep, my heart races
While calmly skipping a beat

My hands are hidden underneath covers, as if contemplating
An inner voice that stares up at blank ceilings
From a deep slumber, I crush roses whose time has come
Delighting with no remorse as they disappear
Raining down, into my feelings

While I know, the stars cannot feel sweet waves in these lands
Still here now my fingers are helplessly crossed
Watching them greet the morning so it seems in debt
To the castles in the sky I see when awake
Full of wondrous golden thoughts

Tonight, I remembered that we have always been together
In mysterious lands where I stop and stare
Although your face pressed against my heart changed
The fruits of my cares have never laughed alone
You have forever and ever been there

Copyright *Neva Flores @2011