Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Night Enters With Curious Feet - May 24, 2011

Night Enters With Curious Feet

With curious feet the night enters with beauty in her eager eyes
As love speaks to the ocean of hearts, she has touched
The moon glides by quietly before the eyes of men
And I can see your face held by the fingers
Of my hope, once again

In the eyes of peaceful angels with shining hair of molten gold
I can see those shores of all great happiness and joy
Held by a loyal hand, proclaiming there is love
And such a sweet delight rains down
To my heart, from above

I stand here within the comfort of my silken thoughts of you
While such unmatchable tenderness appears in place
Speaks to me of memories I can always find
While breathing in night's sheer beauty
With my own heart in kind

I see your face, if only for a moment, as the other half of me
As I lay here watching night enter with curious feet
Love sweetly touches my heart in a rush
Tells me to close my tired eyes
Sleep, dear one, shush

Copyright *Neva Flores @2011


  1. Very sweet...made me think of my wife, sleeping right now in our bed. :)

  2. Beautiful, thanks :-)))

  3. Beautiful. Comfort of silken thoughts - just perfect!

  4. Your dark eyes see like an owl the beauty of night
    Whoo swoops with near silent whisper thru blue light

    Beautiful dreaming.

  5. Fascinating poetic images, like sleeping in clouds of cotton.

  6. Dreamland wishes, Loves promises from angels,Excellent! Thank You ,Neva

  7. Really beautiful. Your words evoke vivid images.

  8. Neva
    feel a need to step quiet
    tip toe into your outer space
    coming so nicely from what you are

    Love your style lady, always checking you out.
    I'm a fan.