Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tenderly Marked Thoughts - May 31, 2011

Tenderly Marked Thoughts

Bewitching ripples of time pass as I write letters to you
To hang as something beautiful on your walls
Tenderly I mark them with wind that bares my soul
Leaving my presence to stir across your sky
As a shield from rains that fall

Enthralling words to hold forever within your breast
I leave for you as bits of my gentle peace
Lying open on your walls, the richness of my joy
Is left to fall as silver leaves of warmth
Cover cold that will not cease

These inventive fingers would surely leave this earth
An epic journey they would move to make
To find the words to chase away those hellions
That exist here in this world of chaos
Your peaceful grace to take

When you pass by these letters I have written for you
They will caress you with the echo of my soul
Sweet peace you yearn for, is always here to see
In these thoughts I have tenderly marked
For your own heart to hold

Copyright *Neva Flores @2011


  1. Excellent Heartfelt ,words of strength, a gift.
    Prose of Love,and courage. Thank you Neva ;-)

  2. oh my i am speechless. lovely words with strength and courage and love. thank u for such beautiful words.

  3. oh my stars, this is a masterpiece!!!!!!!

  4. Comforting and enduring peace in these beautiful verses.

  5. I needed that today, thank you!

  6. Neva, I wish I had another word than beautiful to use again. I think I am going to borrow lorilyn's comment and second that. A true masterpiece. Absolutely stunning writing! (And what a perfect image to pair it with!)

  7. wow, love it!!

  8. And hold them my many hearts shall

  9. "Sweet peace you yearn for, is always here to see" I just love this line. Your words of comfort a sweet memory. Wonderful!

  10. Beautiful words and theme. I wish everyone would read your poetry, you are someone very special.

  11. Anonymous said... I marvel at yours words. Where do they come from? Where? They are arranged so beautifully. I never tire Neva of your words. They speak to my soul. Thank you O' Poet.

  12. This one is breathtaking Neva.