Friday, March 25, 2011

All My Fault is Just a Pale Rose - March 25, 2011

All My Fault is Just a Pale Rose

All I can see is the truth when the tide rises as if wanting to be caught
If there is anything that treads the path of regard
One spun word that is kept makes little motion in the air
It is all my fault is just a pale rose that cries
To length's of disregard

So little speaks within reason to longing when standing on the shore
All I know is that some things never seem possible
Until the daylight explores the pages of my tender skin
Bringing ancient feelings to rise in echoes
So quick my heart to pull

I slowly move to turn around because I know I am promised more
Than what has been done now by other hands
To see all the pleasure in this life that I know still remains
Even when my mirror reflects a stranger
Held in a foreign land

We may never know seasons holding precious words of truth
Some days all we are able to see is a frown
Yet one spun word that is kept will make a motion
Until we realize it is all my fault
Keeps us down

Copyright *Neva Flores @2011


  1. The pale Rose glows in your heart Neva, beautiful as ever

  2. Beautiful verses that sound like a lament or justificatory.

  3. Your well chosen words,
    beautiful poetry my Neva ..
    I admire you ....

  4. The word beautiful is often used in comments about your poetry and never more so than today. A truly beautiful poem.

  5. Very Eye opening and enlightening , The Muse is Busy , Lovely Poem,Lady Neva,
    The image is beautiful.

  6. Beautiful poem Neva .and image as well