Thursday, March 31, 2011

You Never Told Me - March 31, 2011

You Never Told Me

You said you could climb the peaks of life to awaken pain
Even as flashes of madness called you their own
Understandably, I still loved your careless flaming heart
With a watchful face which recalls taking hold
Of your broken chains

You told me the sky hurled heroes upon your summons
Though I know, you still claimed visions shared
So I came and went until you were pleased to let me
Sing the tune of the tongues of angels
To your warrior heart

Beyond the start of centuries stroking cloudy shores
Better than a silent idea you let be sought
Lies the voice of courage clinging to those ideals
You sustained when you named fear
As no such thing

But you never told me that sometimes it rains on love
Or how often you hide when it comes a flood
So when the quiet came I thought you didn't care
I decided to climb the peaks of life myself
To sing pain back to sleep

Copyright *Neva Flores @2011


  1. Lots in life is often, unfortunately, unsaid.

  2. Beautiful NEVA ~

    Loves this line...

    `` I decided to climb the peaks of life myself
    To sing pain back to sleep.

  3. Warrior Poet,dark goddess
    The words from your lips echo with the warp and weft of the tapestry of life,your many lives and the fiery heart that burns within your breast

  4. Love it, especially the ending!

  5. Beautiful and so painful, but with a lovely positive ending! Enjoyed reading this.

  6. Pain, I am sure will obey your song much swifter than my beating it to ruination.

  7. particularly that last stanza...o h yes...a hard lesson after such beauty in the first part