Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Wilderness of Freedom - March 08, 2011

A Wilderness of Freedom

Slide your feelings into mine, under the fire I breathe
Embracing all the highs and lows, you behold
Keep me safe and warm from the winds that blow
Around moments when this heart forgets
You are a gift much too precious
To ever let go

Allow the wilderness of your soul to run with mine
Loving the taste of our own freedom
Upon life's stage, we will explore our inner depths
Together collecting pieces to fill spaces
On the elusive silver screen
Of knowing wisdom

Come return kisses of light from a passionate moon
With the radiance of our hearts' desire
Slide your feelings into mine, my precious gift
Hold me when the winds come knocking
To take the eternal flame I breathe
From my air's fire

Slide your feelings into mine, here together endlessly
Embracing the differences, we behold
With an understanding, that keeps both our hearts
Ever mindful that our love is a precious gift
Running in a wilderness of freedom
Within our souls

Copyright *Neva Flores @2011


  1. Love... what a wonderful gift. Beautiful.

  2. ....oh... take me away.....!!

  3. I have just found out you also have a lovely singing voice!

  4. Beautiful Neva...so very soft and lovely..bkm

  5. This poem would make me feel realy loved, if a female spoke this way to me. Made me feel warm inside.

  6. Fiery and wild, with gentle flames that burn passionatly but slowly with every word in your beautiful poem today Neva

  7. Wow, slide your feelings into mine...beautiful!

  8. i always wonder how you manage to get your poems into such perfect shape.. i like the wilderness and gentleness in this one neva

  9. Thank you Claudia. I write them formatted to the left to begin with and watch the flow. I don't count syllables just listen to the rhythm as I read it back. Then I center them and they seem to just go in place.

  10. I really enjoyed the repetition of this elegant phrase "Slide your feelings into mine," Neva.

  11. Gorgeous Neva, gorgeous. You are truly masterful.

  12. Running in a wilderness of Freedom, within our souls. Breath taking vision. Thank You, Neva Beautiful.

  13. Exquisite expression of love, overflowing with passion,astounding poem.

  14. Good
    Take Care, DreamSweet and Let Your Heart Shine
    ~ milton

  15. I am a'ready free which means though so shortly known one of the other we have walked together for far longer than most. We know no wind's breath can quench the fire of free.

  16. Tellement tellement beau que c'est de la musique pour moi Neva ... SUBLIME ce poem.~~~

  17. Beautiful. Made me think about how I need to tell my husband I love him. Thank you.

  18. Very beautiful Neva, I've missed reading your wonderful work these days so often busy, but you always take my breath away when I make it in and have the time to read. Truly a fabulous love that holds balance of strength. EXCELLENT! ~April

  19. Gorgeous sensuous imagery, free to run wild with your eternal flame protected! Absolutely beautiful!

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