Tuesday, August 2, 2011

If I Could Paint the Sky - Aug. 02, 2011

If I Could Paint the Sky

I could never say
I would like for you to be stronger
than the wind or rain.
You sparkle
even when raging tempests
are knocking
on the door of time.

I can hear passion in your voice
when you tell me
you remember
how I sang I love you
in your ear
and called you my Muse
that whispers words of love
over my shoulder.

I look into the window of your soul
see my own
smiling back happily
in the reflection of a mirror
that ripples stronger
every day.
I can see myself there
still singing to you
within this art
I write in my tears
of joyful rain.

If a painting of the skies could open up
a tidal wave of hidden emotions
that would change life for the better,
I would learn
how to paint for you.
Then you could breathe in
how I feel
when you touch me
each time
you look at my painting again.

I would never expect you to be stronger
than the wind or rain
and I know you don't expect me
to paint the sky.
So for now
I will write the words of love
you whisper over my shoulder
and sing I love you,
in your ear
until the day
I die.

Copyright *Neva Flores @07/31/2011


  1. gosh that is fantastic!! words of love.

  2. How lovely - and with true love it continues after you die as well.

  3. Oh Neva...this one leaves me tearful. So beautiful my friend.

  4. Your sky is full with your words of love and the painting to express your feelings would certainly be another gift to express the passion that you feel within your poem. Beautiful as ever Neva.

  5. Beautiful.
    Thank you for shared you soul

  6. You Paint Visions with Words ,A beautiful gift that you share with Us, Thank you,Neva.

  7. Absolutely gorgeous! I love the line about the mirror your love created rippling stronger. Keep up the great work!

  8. When are you publishing another book? This should definitely be in it!

  9. This is so BEAUTIFUL, When I start reading, I wished that it would never come to an end, because I don't want to lose this feeling of pleasure while those words capturing my mind and raise my soul to new levels of imagination. Frankly, I love this poem!

  10. You've quickly become one of my favorite poets of all time

  11. Beautiful. You can feel the love in the words of your poem.

  12. Beautiful energy, and love. :)