Tuesday, August 16, 2011

While You Held My Heart - Aug. 16, 2011

While You Held My Heart

Last night you rocked me to sleep
while you held my heart.
You took your place,
looked upon my faded seas,
renewed my thirst for life.
Within all sounds sublime
and oh so sweet
your voice fills the eyes
of my night.
I am turned to take and take
each move of love
you lay
at my feet
never forgetting
a single line
in my hunger.

To hear you call me a creature
with soft sounds
makes me want to let them continue
gliding from my mouth
They tumble as ocean waves
of thought
from my heart and soul
becoming the stars of
heaven's floor.

Copyright *Neva Flores 08/14/2011


  1. Neva,Neva tellement beau.
    beautiful ma chere ..

  2. They tumble as Ocean waves of thought, perfection of the Muse. Thank You,Neva , Beautiful!

  3. Beautifully said Neva! Always a pleasure to read your work.

  4. We are but mirrors for the argent and rose light Shining from thee as we stand enraptured

  5. great poetry Neva, nice to read it...from art-profiles

  6. As always, a beautifully constructed and lyrical piece, romantic and delightful...