Monday, March 7, 2011

Making Bricks - March 07, 2011

Making Bricks

So many things cry out to my heart as I look into the sky
I see ten thousand tears falling unsatisfied
From a heaven that has left the pain of every day
To still be felt when breathing in a new dawn's
Wondrous rays of light

Shadows clearly lie awake murmuring undiscovered truths
Sending looks and smiles in all of their demands
While they watch the curtains close on so many lives
Who never took a chance to look outside
What they did not understand

Bricks are placed one by one around the love we hold inside
Until forever becomes a word that drifts away
Into all the tears that fall unsatisfied among shadows
That lie awake crying out to my heart
No more straw and clay

Copyright *Neva Flores @2011


  1. Inspiring poem, not always easy to build, you just have to do it on rock

  2. You are a very sensitive soul, I found a touch of sadness here today.

  3. The last stanza in particular is absolutely beautiful, a poignant poem.

  4. Thank you for touching my heart yet one more time...

  5. God ... I have missed reading your beautiful words Neva ... Hope all is well -:)

  6. this really touched me, made me cry, such depth written in such beauty.

  7. you show deep emotion in this peace neva. well penned.

  8. Always as much thought and emotions in your poems Neva..
    Great poem ~~

  9. It's as if it were torn from a page of dreams I have been having of late.

    A cry in the wilderness to souls lost to perversion, lust, hate, greed and ego {which are the bricks we put between ourselves} to remember that He is always arms outstretched with His unconditional love.

  10. "Shadows clearly lie awake murmuring undiscovered truths" - what amazing imagery.

    Sometimes it feels so safe behind the walls we create...but how amazing when you take the walls down and see all that lies beyond.

    Loved this poem, Neva.

  11. If only you could fathom how high and how many walls of bricks I built and how long it took me to first decide to put a door into them and finally just tear the walls down.

  12. nice. i really like the 10 thousand tears....and the bricks around our heart sealing up forever....great imagery...all too real...