Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Painting Heaven - January 25, 2011

 Painting Heaven

I painted a picture of heaven with you as my sun
While humming with my eyes aglow
Smelled the fragrance of a rain
On a crimson satin rose
My heart, you won

In this heaven I painted myself as your moon
Side by side there we glowed in our sky
And your ears caught every note
I softly hummed and replied
With smiling eyes

I painted a million stars into my picture of heaven
Stunningly beautiful, flaming bits of light
To let them listen as I hummed
My song of love each night
To you my sun

My picture of heaven became a show of lights
As each star moved in closer to hear
The song of love I hummed
For only my sun’s ears
And his delight

I painted a picture of heaven and removed the stars
So I could once again see the face of my sun
Finding my heaven a better place
With the light that comes
From where you are

Copyright *Neva Flores @2011